Stuff I Ran Into….Food Stuff!

This is the first of what I plan to call the “Stuff I found” section. I fear that people will quickly tire of reading me drone on, and on, and on. To counteract that, I would like to offer some links to cool things I’ve found on the internet. Some weeks, I’ll offer recipes I’ve tried while others I’ll share stories I found cool/inspirational/strange/shocking or maybe a collection of workouts to try out. Enjoy!


Over the past two months I have been working on re-balancing out my diet. I have been more aware of the things I am taking in and trying to be more deliberate. It was terrible, at first, but now has become a new normal.

I feel funny…and not “ha-ha” funny

My body tends to hoard carbs. It is amazing how quickly I can gain weight walking past a bakery. Each sip of beer I can actually feel myself growing – like a slightly buzzed Violet Beauregarde. The most significant shift in eating I made was to focus less on total calories and more on macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats). My target was to reduce my non-running (the hour before and the hour after) carbohydrate intake to about 10% of my diet. I also wanted to keep protein to a reasonable 15% (Unused protein gets stored as fat) and the rest be fats. If you were to put a name to the diet, it was the Keto diet – but I loathe diets with catchy names and fad followings so I say I am doing a lower carb, higher fat diet. Leave me alone.



Here are some good food recipes I ran into on the internet:


For lunch:


I love chia pudding. The recipe here isn’t some revelation or earth-shattering departure because it doesn’t have to be. Chia pudding is easy – 1 cup of liquid (go unsweetened coconut milk – trust me) and 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Toss that into a mason jar and chill over-night. Before work, grab the jar, toss in some frozen berries and presto – you have a nice, chilled, filling lunch.


Turmeric is a spice that has the potential to help decrease knee pain. While the common thought is that turmeric reduces all swelling, research doesn’t seem to support it that well. There have been some research, however, that looks at the benefit of turmeric to treat Alzheimer’s, arthritis and certain types of cancer. Long story short – it may not be a miracle but it won’t hurt. Ginger also has some potential benefits to reduce inflammation/pain and relieve nausea. Apple cider vinegar has all sorts of claimed benefits – the only empirically supported one is that it tastes good. Oil is good fat. Mix it all together and this is a solid salad dressing.



Full disclosure – there was a lot of pre-work for this. Don’t get me wrong. It was amazing. It just took a really long time. If you have a weird aversion to eating pork rinds, get over it quick because this chicken is fantastic (also, honestly, you don’t even realize that that is what the coating is). Life hack: Get the spicy pork rinds for a nice little kick.

After Dinner:


Gnom-gnom is an amazing site for low-carb cooking. The cookie recipe is outstanding. A couple key points if you make these. (1) They finish SUPER soft. It is almost like they are undone (but look done). Be quick with the spatula, get them to a cooling rack and be patient! (2) Don’t freak out over what type of chocolate to put in there. Ultimately, it ends up being two or three chips and if you are splitting that hair you have larger worries than sugar intake.



Not a cookie fan? Maybe you need to relax after a hard day of work or (even better) a hard run. Cask and Crew Rye Whiskey is magic. It is a smooth, well balanced whiskey with a slight sweet kick while still packing in a whopping 0g of carbs. Need a mixer? Grab an ice cube, let it melt a bit and have at it.


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