Baltimore Half Marathon Training Plan

Week M T W R F Sat Sun
1 (7/16-7/22) 3m/SS 3m 3m/SS 5m Rest/S 3m 6m
2 (7/23-7/29) 3m/SS 4m 3m/SS 5m Rest/S 3m 8m
3 (7/30-8/5) 3m/SS 6Xhill 3m/SS 40” Fartlek Rest/S 4m 9m
4 (8/6-8/12) 3m/SS 7X400* 3m/SS 45” Tempo Rest/S 4m*** 11m
5 (8/13-8/19) 3m/SS 7Xhill 3m/SS 30” Burner Rest/S Rest/C 5-k race
6 (8/20-8/26) 3m/SS 8X400* 3m/SS 45” FF Rest/S 6m 11m
7 (8/27-9/2) 4m/SC 8Xhill 4m/SS 45” Build Rest/S 5m*** 12m
8 (9/3-9/9) 4m/SC 8X400* 4m/SS 30” Switch Rest/C Rest 10-k race
9 (9/10-9/16) 4m/SC 4X800** 4m/SS 45” Fartlek Rest/C 5m*** 14m
10 (9/17-9/23) 3m/SC 3X1600*** 5m/SS 50” Tempo Rest/C 6m*** 15m
11 (9/24-9/30) 3m/S 5X800** 5m/S 30” Burner Rest/S Rest 15-k race
12 (10/1-10/7) 3m/S 4X1600*** 4m/S 55” FF Rest 5m*** 10m
13 (10/8-10/14) 3m/S 6X800** 3m/S 60” Build Rest 3m*** 9m
14 (10/15-10-20) 3m/S 3m 3m/S Rest Rest RACE!

The above plan is a blend of Hal Higdon, Kara Goucher and modified 5X5 lifting


Xm – miles, easy pace

X* – meters, 5-k pace (6:40min/mi – 1:40 per 400m)

X** – meters, 10-k pace (6:50min/mi – 3:25 per 800m)

X*** –  meters, target race pace (7:15 per mile)

X” – X minute speed work

  • Fartlek: 1-2 min warm-up, 2 min strong, 1 min easy, 1 min bush, 2 min easy. Repeat this pattern (2, 1, 1, 2)
  • Tempo: Warm up, 3 miles at goal pace+20 seconds, cool down
  • Burner: Hard mile (20 under goal pace), 3 minutes easy, 15 minutes tempo run, 3 minutes easy, hard 800m
  • FF: Fast and fade run. One mile warm-up, next mile at (or below) 5-k pace, drop 20 seconds each mile
  • Build: One mile warm-up, drop 20-30 seconds off pace each mile
  • Switch: One mile at 20 seconds below target pace. Next mile 2 seconds above target pace, 2-3 minutes easy. Repeat.

S – Stretching (yoga or something similar)

SS – Stretch and strength (lifting program along with stretching/yoga)

SX – Stretching and cross training (swimming or biking)

C – Cross training (swimming or biking)

Race – Race


Strength plan:

Day A:    Squat     (5X5)

Bench (5X5)

BB Row (5X5)

Walking lunges

Single-leg deadlift   (10X5)

Band Side-walks

Band Step-ups


Day B:    Squat (5X5)

OH Press (5X5)

Deadlift (5X5)

Walking lunges

Step-ups (10X5)

Band Clam Shell

Band Fire Hydrants



With the 15k behind me, I have set my sights onto the next race – The Baltimore Half Marathon (10/20). When I lived in Baltimore, I had all the best intentions to run one of the races during the running festival. Whether it was due to money, life stress, busy schedule or lack of training – I never participated in the running festival while I lived in Baltimore.


Above, I have outlined my (somewhat aspirational) running plan. It is a combination of the Hal Higdon plan and the Kara Goucher plan with some 5X5 lifting built in.


My three intentions for next 14 weeks of training:

  1. Consistency – Stick to the plan. In the past, I always start off strong with a week of dedication, followed by a week or two of juggling workouts but generally capturing the spirit of the plan. Then, it all falls apart and I go back to running without focus or intention.


  1. Strength training – After hurting my hip during the Boilermaker, I decided to add in lifting throughout the early portions of my training. Also, the Baltimore Half has a fair number of hills. While I tackled Utica well, I could see my pace dip through the hillier portions. Hopefully strength training will compensate for the lack of real-world hills in Florida.


  1. Speed work – If I want to post a good time during the ½ marathon, I need to add in some speed workouts. Rather than randomly pushing it on some of my easier/shorter runs, I’ve decided to do speed work with a specific plan. I have never really done track-based workouts. That is about to change. I have intentionally scheduled in two speed workouts a week. The first each week will take place on the track, the second on the road.



As I move through this plan, I will update my weekly TRAINING DIARY with progress, thoughts and any modifications to the plan.

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